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China’s gaming market is a tough nut to crack. For years we’ve been helping some of the world’s top developers find success in China, including Rayark, developers of the international hit game “Implosion”, among others. On mobile and now Steam PC, as well.

Regulatory Expertise

It hasn’t gotten easier for non-Chinese game developers to find success in China, as regulation has become increasingly prevalent. We are experts at navigating this system, allowing you to get your game into the hands of your players in China. The way it should be.

Your Audience in China

Industry analysts estimate that the 2016 Chinese gaming market is valued at $36 billion USD. We shouldn’t have to tell you how large the opportunity is. With the right guidance, you will find users and revenue in China. And at this rate of growth, China is simply too large to ignore.

Legitimate Passion

We live, breathe, and love games. We play games everyday and host gaming seminars, competitions and more in affiliation with the Chengdu Gaming Federation, an enthusiast group in the Sichuan capital.

What excites us, you ask? Bringing the best games in the world to an audience in China.

Award Winning

We’re proud to have worked on products so great they’ve earned us dozens of awards, including Apple’s esteemed “Best of” award two years running (2015 and 2016).

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on mobile & steam pc

As of the fall of 2017, Dragonest has published games on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and now Steam globally!

View Anonymous Me on Steam… and see why the game is rated “Very Positive”.

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Project “Dragon”

Thrilling developments are in the pipeline, including a new project which is codenamed “Dragon”.

“Dragon” is being created with all of our knowledge and expertise on Chinese gamers. View info¬†here.¬†

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As of fall of 2017, Dragonest is on Twitter. While we’re developing and publishing mobile and PC games from our locations in Chengdu and Beijing, stay informed of our latest updates by following us.

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