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  • 《Auto Chess》
    No more chess battler games other than Auto Chess
    Collecting chess pieces, making combination and synergy to create unlimited chess piece troops. Forming and competing on an eight-player matchup! Details
  • 《Cytus II》
    Music games
    Cytus II is a music rhythm game sequel created by the Rayark after Cytus, DEEMO and Voez Details
  • freedom heart
    Horizontal action game with arcade-like combat experience
    Western Countries magical style, arcade-like operation experience, gorgeous adventure on the unknown continent Details
  • Anonymous Me
    I live in silence, but the chaotic world does not allow me to live my life.
    The meticulously created Chinese national style illustration and soundtrack, a variety of moves system, follow the footsteps of Mengnv, and pursue the truth in a chaotic world. Details
  • chaos academy
    Innovative TCG with the elements of war chess
    The battle in the academy is triggered at any moment. Who is the hope of reuniting the faith Details
  • <Sdorica>
    MMORPG with terrific graphics and exquisite designs.
    Its beautiful battle scenes, unique character skills and challenging stages all give you a wonderful gaming experience. Details
  • <Soul of Eden>
    Real-time moba game.
    Three-year preparation enables you to have real-time battles with players. It’s ready for its return! Details
  • <Implosion>
    Machine-style 3D ARPG.
    A combination of exquisite graphics and wonderful atta Details
  • <Rookie Rumble>
    Moba mobile game in which the new game mode Grand Battlegrounds is waitin
    Unknown map, unknown heroes, and free skill combos are well prepared for your return. Who will win the chicken dinner? Details
  • <Cytus>
    New music game that redefines the traditional music games.
    In this world of music, notes will be dancing on your fingers. Enjoy it! Details
  • <Deemo>
    One of the most impressive music games worldwide.
    The story begins when they meet each other in the lonely tree house. Details
  • <VOEZ>
    A brand new music game that connects the whole story with music.
    Play the game to experience their life. Details
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