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In September 2016, Dragonest donated 1 million RMB to Computer Science (Software Engineering) College and Cybersecurity Research Institute of Sichuan University to establish the Dragonest Scholarship, which was aimed to encourage students with excellent academic performance. Students who receive the scholarship can also get a chance to become interns of Dragonest. The scholarship assessment is open, fair and merit-based, with a generous amount and greater coverage to highly qualified applicants. The process is well designed and managed to reward promising students, helping and guiding them to become real industry elites.
Talents are what that have kept Dragonest competitive in the market. In the meanwhile, we care about education, the development of the youth. We're dedicated to building a bridge for students, leading them to their future careers.
  • Love our country, all-round development with both academical and personal achievements.
    Pass College English Test Band 4 or Band 6.
  • An applicant has no re-take courses for the assessment year. GPA or grades of mandatory courses must rank the top 30% among their classmates, and an applicant has obtained at least B-level school scholarship twice during the assessment year.
  • An applicant has no records of violating rules and regulations for the assessment year.
    An applicant has obtained school-level or above honor titles for the assessment year.
Note: the above mentioned is the basic criteria. An applicant must be recommended by two full-time course instructors of the college, with evaluations from the university and college (official seal). The specific assessment is made by the university itself.