Dragonest Products

There’s nothing like making a great game. Or helping someone make a great game reach the right audience. That’s what we’re all about.

On this page you’ll find a limited selection of projects which we’re proud to have worked on. Some of these are still works in progress. Why link to those? We like to share our work-in-progress with players, and solicit ideas and opinions, when appropriate.

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 Anonymous Me

A 2017 action epic published by Dragonest, Anonymous Me is a tale of Qin Dynasty China featuring beautiful hand-drawn artwork and a world of mystery and intrigue.

Project: Dragon

The ambitious new competitive online shooter created by Dragonest not just for China’s exploring domestic games market, but a global audience of players and fans. Launching in 2018.


The lastest Rayark hit game published in China by Dragonest, Sdorica has been featured all across the planet, including in Greater China where it has found a huge audience.


The hit rhythm game, originally released in 2012, with an active player base even now in 2018. This is the game which set up a beautiful cooperation between Rayark and Dragonest to focus on China.

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