Anonymous Me

Dragonest LLC is proud to announce the launch of 2D action platformer “Anonymous ME”, available now globally on the Steam platform.

Set in the Qin Dynasty of China, Anonymous Me is a riveting action adventure which centers around a female assassin named Meng Nv. After the organization she’s been a member of falls apart, she sets out to stake her own path through a ruthless array of enemies which stand in her path. Unperturbed by the threat of violence, Meng pushes forward through adversity only to discover that she has pulled at the threads of a whirling conspiracy.

Anonymous Me launched on Steam on the 13th of October and entered Early Access, to include global players in the final stages of the game’s development. Anonymous ME was developed by RKTime in Chengdu, and is published by Dragonest. In the month of launch (October 2017), the game has already received nine patches bringing a number of changes and improvements to players.



  • An epic traditional Chinese setting, including stunning animations in a hand-drawn world vividly depicting Qin Dynasty China. Hack and slash your way out of cities, high mountains, snowy plains, and ancient tombs. Explore this gorgeous ancient empire accompanies by ethereal Chinese style music.
  • A storyline of twists and turns. Protagonist “Mang” blurs the line between good and evil. Qin Dynasty is collapsing. What does life hold for her in all this turbulence and chaos? Unravel the mystery and discover the huge conspiracy through thought-provoking dialogues and ingenious level design.
  • Action-packed gameplay. “Mang” is a master wielder of DualBlade, BoardSword and is an excellent archer as well. You can cycle through the three weapons any time you want. Switching weapons will deal extra damage to enemies and activate special moves.
  • An innovative “Mind” system. “Mang” has gone through a lot and has a complicated personality. We believe that she is more than a mere character you control. Inspiration System lets you know what she is thinking as the game progresses.

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Changes in Early Access

As of mid-November 2017, Anonymous Me in Early Access has received five updates including some of the following fixes:

  • Improved the guidance system, to keep players on track
  • Fixed a bunch of text and display issues
  • Optimized the display of some imagery in game for greater clarity
  • Improved some user interface details
  • Added controller support for Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PS4 controllers
  • Much more! Read all the details here on Steam.

Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed helpful information to the development of Anonymous Me!