More About Dragonest

Our History & Identity

We are not newcomers to the gaming industry. Known within China as Long Mobile (or 龙渊科技 in Chinese), we have a history of publishing some of China’s top mobile games, and representing a number of global top developers, including Rayark, creators of hit games like Deemo, Cytus and Implosion.

On Mobile & Platforms

For several years now, mobile has been the predominant gaming platform in China, in terms of revenue. And while the console space has failed to deliver on expectations, PC games, especially for independent foreign developers, presents some exciting new opportunities. We are not only focused on mobile platforms.

On Quality & Originality

We are gamers ourselves. We are constantly exploring new entrants into the market, and searching in particular for those which we feel are a good match for China’s enormous (and growing) gaming market. We don’t think we’re like other publishers, because money isn’t the bottom line for us. It’s quality.

We Are International

We have extensive experience working with overseas partners, in Asia and abroad. Why is this relevant? Because once you do business in China, you’ll find that it’s difficult to find a partner whom understands you. That’s us. We seek to build strategic partnerships with game developers near and far.

About Our Process

Direct Communication

  • 01

    This first step involves identifying where the opportunities lie. We’re looking for developer who have a large potential market in China.

  • 02

    After we’ve identified an opportunity, we work with you to outline the next steps for getting your game onto the relevant platforms.

  • 03

    We get to work preparing your game for the Chinese market. This often includes not just translation of your in-game text and dialogue, but cultural adjustments.

  • 04

    Once preparations have been made, your game sets sail on the appropriate platforms, connecting you with a large volume of new users in China.

Weekly Check-Ins

  • 01

    Is your game hitting its performance metrics? We’ll keep an eye on that and help you interpret the data, making a plan for improvement.

  • 02

    We’ll set monthly and quarterly goals for your title, to ensure that it’s set on a schedule for continual growth and steady improvement.

  • 03

    If and when we identify problems with the implementation of your distribution plan or development schedule, we address those.

  • 04

    Once we both feel we have your game moving in the right direction, we continue to iterate, seeking perpetual improvement, bringing you more players.

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